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I have been a trainer of studio animals for the past twenty years.

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Gretchen when she entrusted me with 8 of her beautiful Labradors

for a Budweiser Super Bowl commercial in 2014.  

I have worked with a lot of breeders over the years and trained numerous puppies for many different commercials,

none of them compare to Gretchen's puppies.

Her puppies came out of the gate bold, confident, super friendly and I have to say the smartest of any Labrador puppies

I have ever trained (and I've trained a lot!).

Having well socialized, outgoing puppies is critical for my job and you can see how much love, dedication and time

Gretchen has put into her pups before they reach 8 weeks old and are ready for their new homes.  

I have absolutely no hesitation recommending Cold Creek Farms.

Just make sure you can provide as much love to your new puppy as

Gretchen does for the first 8 weeks of his or her life!  

Sue Chipperton/Trainer




We highly recommend Cold Creek Farms labradors.  Gretchen did a fantastic job of working with us and listening to the needs of our family to match us with the perfect dog. 

Our gorgeous fox red yellow lab, Molly, joined our home with a crawling baby, toddler, and kitten.

She has the ideal temperament for unpredictable small children.  She is patient, loving, affectionate, gentle, calm, and mellow. 

We have many newborns, babies, and toddlers visit for play dates.  She is absolutely trustworthy and reliable, even though currently she is only 6 months old. 

Molly was exceptionally easy to train- she learned all her basic commands with 3 repetitions. 

Molly is active and energetic- we love hiking, camping, fishing, and she is walked nearly two hours a day. 

But Molly’s strength is when we are home and the toddlers are resting or playing, she is content to sit near them or lie next to the kids. 

She is so mellow and has an even temperament which makes her an ideal companion. 

We are extremely grateful for Gretchen’s fabulous dogs. The Myers Family




Jack won us over from the very beginning. 

He goes everywhere with us – from soccer field to lacrosse field to the park, the mountains, the lake and everywhere in between.  

He’s sweet natured and naturally well behaved.  

He took to training instantly and wants very much to do what we ask of him (especially when a treat is a reward!). 

We had a fantastic experience with Gretchen and can’t say enough good things about our Jack Straw.  

We can’t remember what it’s like not to have him as a part of our family!

The Havel Family




Preston: A Ruby-Star pup, brother to our very own Palin, is owned by the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind and has been officially entered into their breeding program.

We are very pleased to have this relationship with such an important organization.

His clearances are as follows: Penn hips 90%, shoulders and elbows - clear, heart echo - normal, Cerf - normal, PRA and EIC - clear.

The Guide Dog Foundation's sister organization, America's Vet Dogs - The Veteran's K-9 Corps, trains guide and service dogs for disabled veterans.

Preston's sister Paige is currently being trained for placement as a Vet dog. We are so proud of her as well.


UPDATE:  Preston is now retired and happily living in Albany, OR with his forever family!!




I purchased one of Gretchen's fox red yellow labs in 2009. My girl Rue is extremely smart and an awesome hunter.

Even as a young pup she was always birdy. At eight months old she was retrieving live birds.

Since then she has retrieved pheasants, geese and many ducks.

I am extremely impressed with the way she visually tracks birds.

If you are seeking a great hunting lab I highly recommend a lab puppy from Cold Creek Farms. Will N, Oregon




We adopted our Mr. Murphy from Cold Creek Farms in June 2009. It was a wonderful experience right from the first email.

Gretchen was great to work with and we loved getting the photo updates from the date of birth until the day we picked him up.

Murphy is strong, athletic, easily trained and absolutely beautiful. We hope to get a little sister from Cold Creek Farms one day. Michele Q., Oregon





Gretchen was wonderful to work with. Willing to do anything for the puppies and/or her clients. We were very pleased with the entire experience.

Our Winston bonded to our family very quickly, has a great temperament and is very smart (we are biased of course).

It seems like most breeders talk about staying connected after the purchase and then you never hear from them again.

Gretchen is definitely the exception. She takes pride in staying involved. Phil & Angie F., Oregon

Winston Update: WE LOVE OUR DOG!!!!! He is 8 months old now and he has exceeded our expectations!

He goes swimming, running, kayaking, hiking, flying, water skiing, auto racing (car noise does not bother him a bit), and

even sat on a paddle board with me for an hour last week while I paddled.

The place where we rented the paddle boards was amazed, claimed that "They had never seen a dog do as well before."

He is great with other animals (the doggie daycare favorite) and kids. Exceptionally smart, calm, loving and good looking.  




I have personal trained a few puppy's that came from Cold Creek Farms, my experience has been great.

They are so well balanced and very intelligent to work with - Joe Catiglione,






We just wanted to give you an update on our sweet Loocy. She is doing so well in her new home and we are so blessed to have her. She instantly became an irreplaceable part of our family. 

She's the perfect dog, and I can't imagine having another. She's enjoying her new backyard and is a natural retriever but most of all she's the world's best snuggler.

As a family with young kids we couldn't have asked for a sweeter, more gentle girl and couldn't love her more. Thank you again for everything! The White Family







Poppy is confident, smart - she is one of the smartest labs I have ever had!

She is great with other pets as we have another Cold Creek Farms Lab and kitties too!!

We connect when we have questions and concerns and just funny pictures of the 'girls'.

She is dedicated to her pups from the time they arrive and forward. She truly loves her puppies in every litter - 

I would not hesitate to recommend Gretchen to anyone - she is definitely part of our family. 







I brought my girl River home October of 2017 and it has been nothing but pure joy and puppy fun since!

Working with Gretchen was such a great experience; we received frequent updates of the puppies growth and got a few great visits in before the day River headed off to her forever home.

Cold Creek Farms really provides the perfect environment for their puppies to get a great jump start on life.

They spend their days playing in a safe and sanitary environment with lots of rest to their favorite classical music radio.

Training River began the moment she came through our front door and she is already potty trained, knows basic commands like coming to her name, sitting, shaking, and even spinning a full circle when directed to "turn around"!

At 16 weeks she is nearly 30 pounds and just keeps growing each day!

I would highly recommend Cold Creek Farms to anyone that wants to bring a beautiful canine companion into their lives. B. Alexander, Eugene, OR



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